What is a Cobot?


Collaborative robots, or “cobots”, are growing in popularity in manufacturing and industrial settings, particularly in machine shops. Unlike traditional robots, cobots work safely around people and do not need to be enclosed behind a barrier or safety fencing. Due to their built in safety features, cobots work collaboratively with their human counterparts, assisting in tasks and taking on the repetitive, mundane, and dull work. In machine shops, cobots tend machines all day and night. They keep the “spindle turning” by loading and unloading parts consistently without breaks, increasing throughput and reducing machine idle time. 

With our partners at Universal Robots, Ward Hi Tech can install your Cobot and  help you become more efficient in your processes and increase your capacity, freeing up your workforce onto the tasks that really matter.

Check out the video at the link below with our "world-famous" General Manager of Special Projects, Richard Pearson, to see how a Cobot can help you and your business today ↓↓↓ 

The Benefits of adding a Collaborative Robot to your CNC Machine - YouTube