"Mac"ing an impact!!


 After receiving delivery of a brand new Hwacheon Hi-Tech 850LYMC a few months ago, we caught up with Managing Director of MacIntyre Chocolate Systems, Joe Gorman, to see how this investment had impacted on the business. 

MacIntyre Chocolate Systems, located in Scotland, is a worldwide supplier of chocolate manufacturing and processing equipment - offering ancillary equipment for chocolate manufacture including transfer pumps, filters and storage vessels. 

After agreeing a purchase on a new Hwacheon Hi Tech 850LYMC in February, Ward Hi Tech's high levels of stock meant that MACS  wasn't waiting around for their machine for long - with the machine arriving north of the border in April. 

Managing Director, Joe Gorman, said: "Purchasing the new Hwacheon Hi Tech 850LYMC allowed us to remove the risk of external supply chain, price pressure from market volatility and the need to monitor external quality for being “right first time”. We now have the ability to mill/turn inhouse our main drive shafts, pressure adjust shafts, pressure sleeves and many other components on the one machine, so this new capability will drive us to become even more efficient from new improved cycle times compared to previous machine tools that were replaced. Our new Hwacheon Hi Tech 850LYMC will also give us the capability to offer an internal supplier solution to our group partners who are based in Germany."

As well as increasing productivity - the Hwacheon Hi Tech 850LYMC meant that where three machine tools had been previously used for cutting parts - now there was only the need for one. This provided MacIntyre Chocolate Systems with a long term cost effective solution. 

Ward Hi Tech are renowned in the industry for being able to assist the customer every step of the way from initial enquiry to finance packages to workshop preparation and finally delivery and installation. 

When we asked Joe to comment on how the training and installation went, he added:

"The onsite and offsite training sessions were first class and the installation was very quick and professional.  This allowed MacIntyre Chocolate Systems to seamlessly move into full production." 

Ward HiTech are delighted to be able to supply such a huge machine to our customer and look forward to building our close working with MacIntyre Chocolate Systems again in the future. 

The Hwacheon Hi Tech 850 LYMC is a horizontal turning centre ideally suited to large and hard workpieces. This machine allows you to master demanding machining tasks which require large milling and turning operations. 

Need to see more? Check out this Youtube video here

This article has used comments provided to us with the permission of Joe Gorman, MD of MacIntyre Chocolate Systems and we would like to thank him for his input.