Ward Hi Tech are well known in the machine tool industry for our deal-securing "Buy Now Pay Later" offers which have been around for several years - but they have never done ANYTHING quite like this one. 

This gives customers a whopping seven-month payment holiday before they have to start making finance payments.This is unique in the industry and supercedes their usual Buy Now Pay Later offers which often give customers payment holidays between three and six months. 

Allow us to do the hard work and help you secure you a new machine today. 

Did we mention stock?

Ward Hi Tech have over 40 stock machines in the UK - meaning no long lead times or shipment delays. From agreed deal to machine in your workshop can be as little as 14 days. 

As well as our other benefits, which include VAT deferalls and buyback options, Ward Hi Tech are offering to take your old machine as a deposit, meaning in most cases there is genuinely NOTHING to pay until February 2023. 

Is this an offer you can afford to miss out on?

Contact us today to discuss your machining requirements on 0114-256-0333