Christmas is upon us – a time for reflection and planning for the future. Let Ward Hi Tech help you to give your machine shop the gift of extra capacity and larger scale production this festive season.

Here’s how we can help you!         

You maybe familiar with our famous “Buy Now Pay Later” offers, which allows you to install your new CNC lathe or machining centre and not starting paying for it until the next financial year, apart from a small deposit.

Ward Hi Tech are proud to have shown flexibility and adaption in several of our financial packages in the past with our customers, but Ward Hi Tech will now take your old machine and use this as your deposit. This means that if you are upgrading your old machine there is genuinely nothing at all to pay until the beginning of the next financial year.


A purchase of new machinery right now would also be eligible for a tax rebate within the new “Super Deduction Scheme” announced by the Chancellor in the summer.

In order to facilitate growth and encourage business development,  the super deduction offers a claimback of £24,700 for every £100,000 spent – so a purchase of a machine for £100,000 would knock off £24,700 on your next tax bill.

If you’ve traded in your old machine and taken advantage of our “Buy Now Pay May 2021” offer, you won’t have started paying for this equipment yet – so you will have both a new machine AND a reduced tax bill to boot.

A joint Christmas gift from Ward Hi Tech and the tax man, if you will!


Need any more convincing? Well, with 2022 upon us, we’ve reduced the list price of all our stock machines by up to 22%.

We have machines in stock and ready to demo to you in our showroom in Sheffield today.


Ward Hi Tech Managing Director, Alan Hill, said: “We’ve always thought of ourselves as being totally unique in the industry in terms of the financial packages we can offer – we are always looking for ways to make these suit our customer’s needs. We have once again strengthened our relationship with finance houses across the country and with the help of the Super Deduction scheme and Buy Now Pay Later amongst other incentives, there is the real opportunity to not only upgrade your machinery but actually benefit financially from it too”   


If you want to give your machine shop the gift of great machines this Christmas, give Ward Hi Tech a call on 0114-256-0333.